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ISBN 1-58338-271-2
Historical Novel by
Priscilla A. Maine
Published by
Cover Art by
Skip Rowell
Priscilla A. Maine
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-58338-275-5
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Danielle's hopes are pinned on the promises of a young man in California and as JOURNEY OF THE EAGLE begins, she and her father are on their way to secure her future. But their plans are way-laid when her father becomes ill and they must temporarily find refuge in a run-down shack on 160 acres of Indian land.

Life is not easy in Oklahoma territory in the 1850s and it gets even more difficult when her father dies, leaving her stranded. Frightened, but with gritty determination, she writes to her betrothed, Alan, and asks him to come for her. In the meantime, she tries to cope with her grief and her growing uneasiness with her immediate future.

As if her life isn't already dangerously complicated, an old Chickasaw shaman, Hunting Hawk, calls on her and asks an impossible favor: Will she take care of an orphaned baby boy, just until she leaves? All her instincts scream no, but, according to Hunting Hawk, the child will die if she cannot care for him. She reluctantly agrees, though she is hopelessly ill-equipped to care for the infant.

Struggling to make ends meet, but too proud to ask for help, Danielle finds the strength and the means to keep herself and her little charge fed. She meets a neighboring rancher, Joel Riley, and sexual tension immediately builds between them creating a sense of guilt to compound her troubles. Not only is Joel married, but she is betrothed and Joel's attraction to her is obvious.

What is delaying Alan; why doesn't he come for her? And what is the mystery that surrounds Joel Riley's wife? In the meantime, she has grown to love this copper-colored baby boy-how can she ever give him up?

Priscilla A. Maine spins a tale that tingles with adventure and tension. Her impeccable research skills bring to life Danielle, Joel, and the other colorful characters as they struggle with the harsh life endured in America's early years. Although there is plenty of tension and suspense, humor also shines through, making JOURNEY OF THE EAGLE a book to cherish.

Book reviewed by Mary E. Trimble,
Author of "Rosemount"

Journey of the Eagle Priscilla A Maine
Release Date:December 15, 1999
ISBN 1-58338-271-2

"Fraught with danger, brimming with sexual tension, this is a historical romance that will not soon be forgotten." Patricia L. White award winning author of EDWINA PARKHURST, SPINSTER.

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Journey of the Eagle
Priscilla A. Maine
Historical Romance
*****5 stars

Danielle Alexander had left her home back east to journey to California with her father. They were going to rendevouz with Danielle's fiance. Unfortunately, her father's healt prevents them from completing their journey. They lease a house not far from Depot on Boggy and send a letter to Danielle's fiance explaining what had happened. While there, Danielle's father passes away, leaving Danielle alone among strangers and Indians.

One of the Indians, Hunting Hawk brings an orphaned baby boy for Danielle to raise. As Danielle learns how to raise a child on her own, she comes to love the baby as if he were her own. Somehow during the wait for her fiance, Danielle becomes part of the small family of Indians that have helped her survive. When the time comes to choose her path, will Danielle choose to stay or to go?

Ms. Maine has written a beautifully moving novel of one woman's struggle to find herself. The characters were perfectly written, complex and full of life. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Maine's work.

Reviewed by Sharon McGinty
Copyright 2000 by Sharon McGinty
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Book Title: Journey Of The Eagle
Number Of Stars: 4 ****
Reviewed By: Bea Henson for Sime~Gen
Written By: Priscilla A. Maine
Genre: Historic Romance
Publisher's Web Site:
ISBN: 1-58338-271-2
Price: $3.75 Download, $8.00 CD
Publishing Date: December 1999
Publishing Format: E-Book
Author's Web Site:

1860 Midwest America. Danielle and her father, Nathaniel, must leave their wagon train bound for California and Danielle's fiancéé. Nathaniel is dying and secures a lease on a run-down cabin and meadow to provide a temporary place for Danielle to live until her fiancéé Alan Self can come for her.

At first Danielle is frightened and anxious for Alan to come for her. Hunting Hawk, a local Native American shaman tricks her into caring for an orphaned baby boy. Danielle names the baby Nathaniel after her deceased father. During her infrequent trips to the local store, Danielle meets Joel Riley again. He is taken with the baby and Danielle, however he is a married man and cannot act on his attraction.

When Dream Singer, a widowed Indian maid kidnaps Nathaniel and takes him to a dangerous and sacred place, Danielle follows. Boogaboo Canyon is two or three days ride from the Depot at Boggy but Danielle can think of nothing but finding Nathaniel. A dangerous trio of white men discovers both women and Joel barely saves them from rape or worse.

Danielle has come to love her home and her new friends both Indian and white. Joel is in the process of building a coach stop for the many travelers and the mail on Danielle's property.

Danielle will not allow anything to develop between her and Joel. He is married, but what is wrong with his wife? Alan finally comes for her but she is reluctant to proceed with their engagement. Is this the same man she met in St. Louis, was he so critical and selfish when she accepted his proposal? What of Joel, can she forget her feelings for this man? What kind of future is there for Danielle and Joel?

This story flowed beautifully with lots of action and wonderful well-drawn characters. I came to love Hunting Hawk, Joel and Danielle as well as the other supporting characters. The research into the everyday life during this period of history was obvious and the detail was enlightening. Not a time I would want to endure, the hardships were many and life was demanding, but inspiring.

I look forward to reading more of Ms Maine's works.

Copyrighted 2000 by Sim~Gen

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Priscilla A. Maine

ISBN: 1-58338-271-2

$3.75 download $8.00 CD - iCard

REVIEWED BY: Sandy Cummins

Danielle Alexander and her father have sold their business, and packed up all their belongings, ready to start a new life in California with Danielle's fiance. Leaving everyone they know behind, the Alexanders set forth on their wagon train adventure.

We join their story in the middle of rough Indian territory, when Nathaniel Alexander takes ill. Hearing Danielle call for help, Joel Riley arrives on the scene and quickly rides to the nearest town for the doctor.

The doctor's prognosis is not good. If they continue their journey it will surely mean Nathaniel's death. Fortunately though, the Doctor knows of a family hoping to sell their lease. Realizing that he has little time, Nathaniel agrees to buy and finds himself the new owner of one hundred and sixty acres of land and a small cabin.

One of the men from the train is kind enough to stay to move their furniture before rejoining the others. Then it is just her and her sick father, in a rustic one-roomed cabin.

Despite being their nearest neighbor, Joel Riley avoids the Alexanders for a few weeks, while he tries to control the instant attraction he had felt for Danielle. In his absence, Danielle's father dies leaving her alone and vulnerable. Danielle is heartbroken by her loss, having been reared single-handedly by her father since her mother's death when Danielle was only nine.

Her grief is not her only concern - after her father's death, Danielle discovers they have nearly run out of money. Having been financially secure her entire life this change in circumstance is dramatic, but Danielle has never backed down from a challenge.

A week after her father's death, while sitting under a tree crying, Danielle is startled by the arrival of five Indian warriors. Annoyed with herself for forgetting to bring her gun, Danielle is prepared for the worst.

Luckily, one of the Indians is an old shaman with a problem - he has an orphaned baby in his possession. Being a wily man, he has observed Danielle's grief and decided that both her and the boy would benefit from being together.

When Danielle protested that she couldn't possibly keep a baby, Hunting Hawk stooped to trickery. Saying that an orphan was too big a burden for the clan, he said he would have to kill the infant. Horrified, Danielle snatched the bundle from the warrior insisting she would keep the baby herself.

From that time on, one of Hunting Hawke's four grandsons guarded the cabin and kept Danielle and the baby safe from harm. They even brought fresh kills to help stretch her meager stores.

Even with the Indians help, her finances are desperate - how will she support both herself and a baby? Her neighbor comes to her rescue again. Offering a business partnership, Joel proposes to build a hotel and stable on her land. Having learnt that a new stage coach line would go right past her property, he wants to build a place for them to stop and rest their horses, while allowing any passengers to spend the night.

Hiring Hunting Hawke's family as crew the construction begins, throwing the couple together at every turn. But they are in no position to indulge in their attraction - Joel has an invalid wife, and Danielle has an absent fiancé.

They both find it increasingly difficult to deny their feelings, but Joel and Danielle's principles are strong.

With the help of her neighbor and her new Indian friends, Danielle might manage to survive in this harsh land, even when faced with deceit, kidnaping, disease and death.

Priscilla Maine paints the era beautifully, transporting us into the past, a time of savagery and desperation, friendship and heartache, struggle and survival.

Copyright 2000 Promo Preview and may not be reprinted without direct permission of the author and Promo Preview.

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ISBN 1-58338-271-2



PRICE: Download $3.75 CD: $8.00

Cover Artist: Skip Rowell (Author's Cousin)

Historical Romance

URL of Publisher:

In 1855, Danielle Alexander and her father leave their comfortable St. Louis home to travel to California, where Danielle is to join her fiancé. The journey is cut short in Oklahoma, when Danielle's father becomes ill. Staying in a small cabin on land leased from the Indians, Danielle soon finds herself alone and in financial straits after her father's death.

While waiting for her fiancé to answer her letters, she is troubled by her increasing attraction to a young, married rancher named Joel Riley. Furthermore, a shrewd old Chickasaw leader, Hunting Hawk, persuades her to care for an orphaned baby of mixed heritage. Danielle's life becomes entangled with those of the white, Chickasaw, and Choctaw members of the thriving community. Despite her intention to leave when her fiancé comes for her, her heart wants her to stay. Riley's invalid wife Jennifer and a young Choctaw woman who believes she has a claim on the baby complicate matters even more.

In Journey of the Eagle, Priscilla Maine has created a rich, colorful story, filled with interesting details. As Danielle changes from a proper, sheltered girl to a strong, independent woman, she learns to appreciate the beauty of the West and to deal with its hardships and dangers. Through her eyes we see the white and Indian residents at work and play. It is a pleasure to read a story in which, despite many problems, white, Chickasaw and Choctaw strive to live together in harmony. Indian rituals may be strange to Danielle, and her customs may baffle the Native Americans, but friendship and cooperation help them all gain mutual understanding.

There is plenty of suspense, excitement and romance as well as a thread of mysticism in Journey of the Eagle as Danielle struggles to find her destiny.

Will she choose the conventional, civilized road or the dangerous, uncharted path as she seeks true love and happiness? We can only sympathize as we take the journey with her, and it is a journey well worth taking.

Reviewed by Ilene Sirocca for The RunningRiver Reader (tm)
Copyright 2000 by Ilene Sirocca

4 Stars

Journey of the Eagle

Priscilla A. Maine


Release Date: December 1999

ISBN 1-58338-271-2

Danielle Alexander is on her way to California to meet her fiancéé when her father falls ill. Not able to stay with the wagon train, they lease a cabin in Indian Territory, Oklahoma. Her father soon dies, leaving her alone, scared and grief-stricken, her only option to await the arrival of her fiancéé. When a Chickasaw shaman gives her an Indian baby to care for, she agrees - only until her fiancéé comes. She grows to love the baby as her own thus earning the respect of the Indians and the townspeople as well as a certain saw-mill owner named Joel Riley. To support herself and the baby she sells embroidery - most of which is bought by Joel without her knowledge. Too bad she can't stand him since all he does is order her around.

Joel is instantly smitten with Danielle. One problem - he is married. His wife is bed-ridden and the in-name-only marriage leaves Joel feeling things for Danielle that he shouldn't be feeling. Not able to offer Danielle more than friendship, he still can't stay away from her. Since her land is a prime spot to build a traveling post for travelers on their way west, he decides they should go into business together. Without bothering to secure Danielle's consent first, he starts building - giving him a good excuse to be at her cabin, and protect her from her own foolishness. His high-handedness incites a major argument with her.

Fighting each other's stubbornness as well as their attraction for each other, they both suffer through the baby being kidnaped by a grieving Indian woman whom Danielle later befriends, illness, and the arrival of her pompous, arrogant and prejudiced fiancéé. They also face the tortures of their souls. But will they ever be free to love each other?

A really great story! I truly enjoyed reading about how Indians and whites respected each other. The love story of Danielle and Joel was one that left you on the seat of your pants waiting and hoping to see them get together. The sexual tension was thick and so well done, the lack of love scenes wasn't noticed until after I finished reading. The secondary characters of Hunting Hawk and Dream Singer were great. I loved how Dream Singer and Danielle joined together to both be mothers to the baby. An awesome story!

Reviewed by Maureen Boylan

Scribes World Reviews
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4 Stars

Danielle Alexander and her father join a wagon train headed west to settle in California and also to reunite Danielle with her fiancé, Alan. However, on the way, her father, Nathaniel, falls seriously ill and is incapable of continuing the journey. Forced to abandon their plans, they buy a decrepit farm in the heart of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory Oklahoma. Danielle writes to Alan, explaining why they were unable to complete their journey and that she would like for him to come and get her and her father. But Nathaniel doesn't live too long after that and there's no word from Alan. Danielle finds herself totally alone in a strange land, with very little money to support herself. Hunting Hawk, an old Indian, puts the care and upbringing of a half breed baby into her hands, with the promise that when her fiancé finally shows up, the old Indian would take the baby back. She falls in love with the baby while she waits for that letter from Alan. In the meantime, her handsome, virile and soft-spoken neighbor, Joel Riley, is also playing havoc on her heart! He insists on "helping" her until her fiancé comes to pick her up, but in doing so, he also succeeds in wedging himself more firmly in her heart! They strike up a partnership whereby she supplies the land and he supplies the sawmill and that only serves to tie them closer together and make them even more aware of each other. It is when Dream Singer, a young Indian girl assigned to look after the little baby one evening, disappears and takes the baby with her, that Danielle embarks on a journey out into the wilderness to find them. Driven by her love for the child, she continues on the path until she finds them. Then Danielle learns the meaning of the Journey of the Eagle and its relevance to her life. She must learn to see with her heart also instead of just her eyes before she can fully accept and understand true love and happiness. Priscilla A Maine has presented her fans with a wonderful story set in the old American West. Her descriptions of the setting and environment are very well written with an excellent imagination to boot! The characters could have benefitted from a little more depth to their personalities but overall it was a very engaging story. Lots of sexual tension and certainly a healthy amount of danger, this book is definitely worth a read!
Reviewed by: Leena Hyat Scribes World Reviews/(formerly Reviews@SimeGen)

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Danielle Alexander's life has suddenly turned upside down. On a wagon train trek to California to reunite Danielle with her fiancé, her father falls terminally ill and the journey is interrupted while she  attempts unsuccessfully to nurse him back to health at an abandoned farm in the middle of Indian Territory. Add to that a motherless newborn half-breed baby boy dropped literally into her arms by a wise, ancient Indian chief, who wants her to be the baby's mother "just until" her fiancé comes to rescue her. Throw in, for good measure, a heady attraction to a handsome stranger named Joel Riley now making his fortune in the untamed west by providing lumber from his sawmill. Danielle certainly has her hands full, and her truant fiancé is the least of her problems.

Priscilla Maine's delightful story is a vividly accurate picture of the American West just prior the War Between the States that will engage your emotions right from page one. Her characters are imminently likable, as they battle their growing feelings for each other and the tiny babe. The story is truly satisfying and memorable and will stay with you long after you've turned the last page. Priscilla Maine is definitely a writer to watch in historical romance!

~~ Review by Deb Crockett, author of historical romance NATCHEZ

Journey Of The Eagle


Priscilla A. Maine

is a heart warming tale you won't be able to put aside. Danielle, a young lady left alone in the wilds of the New Americas, must learn to take joy where, and when, she finds it. She meets a man with many secrets and sees only boundaries that keep them from a love that could soar to great heights. However, before Danielle can experience this love, she must learn how to see with her heart and not be blinded from the truth.

~~ Reviewed by Kim Gaona


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