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Priscilla A. Maine

Atoka, OK, August 1, 2000 - Priscilla A. Maine proudly announces her publisher,, has nominated her book ANGELS UNAWARE for the Frankfurt eBook Award.

This, the first award designed to recognize publishing and technology achievements in the emerging eBook industry, is sponsored by the International eBook Award Foundation and underwriten in this inaugural year with support from Microsoft Corp., NuvoMedia Inc., Softbook Press Inc., Glassbook Inc., and Contentville. Winners of the award for outstanding publishing efforts will be presented during the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 20, 2000, at a formal ceremony in the Old Opera House in Frankfurt, Germany. Top award, “Author’s Grand Prize” of $100,000, will go to the best original eBook. Titles must be nominated by publishers.

Priscilla A. Maine has two books published by and both are receiving wonderful comments from both readers and book reviewers. Sandra T. Jacobs, reviewer for US Times Bestseller List & Reviews said, “...Angels Unaware is beautifully written...a highly worthwhile read.” Both Angels Unaware and Journey Of the Eagle are contracted with for paperback & audiobook production.

Cover art for both Ms. Maine’s books are created by her cousin, Skip Rowell.

ANGELS UNAWARE & JOURNEY OF THE EAGLE available at Atoka County Historical Museum.

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With the sale of her novel Angels Unaware, Priscilla A. Maine, a native of Atoka County, scored a first in more arenas than one. Not only is this her first sale, it is also the very first manuscript she wrote. It also has the distinction of being the first Historical novel published by DiskUs Publishing, an electronic book publisher.

Scheduled for release February 1, 1999, Angels Unaware is in the newest book format - electronic books. E-books, as they also call them, are available as direct download from the publisher's web site to a home computer or via mail on a 3.5" diskette or CD. They come complete with front and back Cover Art, blurb, and author bio. The books are also available at Barnes and Nobel and Amazon online bookstores.

Priscilla is excited to join the small, but growing, number of writers marketing their work on the Internet. While she realizes electronic publication has its obstacles to hurdle in its infancy, she remains optimistic about its future. When disappointment at the news of no availability of a paper version of her book replaces the initial enthusiasm of friends and family, it emphasizes to her the importance of educating the reading public about eBooks.

Instead of bemoaning the loss of that familiar paper book form, think of all the positive possibilities:
It is two in the morning, you can't sleep, or perhaps it is mid-afternoon, the baby is napping and you have some precious time to yourself, or maybe it's 23 degrees outside and the roads are icy, or it's 112 degrees in the shade, but there isn't any, maybe it's just a bad hair day - put yourself in either, or all, of these scenarios. You've read everything in the house, including the cereal box, what to do? Log onto the Internet, download an electronic book and in just a few minutes your problem is solved.

Another option for obtaining your reading material, especially if you want to keep your book, is to order your choice on 3.5" diskette or CD. You can store more books this way and have less to dust. Plus the kids can't tear the pages or mark out your favorite scene with their Crayon drawings. Accessing your reading material couldn't be easier than using your computer, laptop, or an even newer option is one of the handheld eBook Readers. You can even print out your book if you still prefer to handle all those dead trees.

When asked why she chose ePublishing, Priscilla replies, "It's a media whose time has come. Every day more and more people merge into the traffic on the information highway, expanding the number of potential readers for my novels. Besides, the royalty rates are better, I don't need an agent, and maybe best of all, there is no need to travel to New York. Time wise it is remarkable. I send a completed 85,000 word manuscript as an email attachment. Editing suggestions are sent and made the same way. Another plus - when Angels Unaware is released February 1, it hits a worldwide market. Paper volumes have a few short weeks of shelf life before being pulled and labeled out-of-print. Electronic books, on the other hand, are stored on disk, and are available indefinitely."

Priscilla went on to say that nine years ago when she wrote Angels Unaware, she naively envisioned huge royalty checks, cross-country book signings, or maybe talk-show interviews. In other words, the overnight success story. She says now, "It's been a long, dark night." When she wrote that first novel she didn't need glasses to read. Her computer didn't have a memory, but she still did. It was also before both the grey in her hair and her waistline began to spread. During those frustrating years of parading her work through the gauntlet of New York publishers, she collected enough rejection forms to paper an outhouse. Yet she never acquired a name. The heartbreaking news always came addressed to, "Dear Writer." But those experiences forced her to develop a skin as repellant to criticism an armadillo's.

To learn more about this newest avenue of publishing visit Priscilla's publisher's web site at While you're there, you can also read the first chapter of Angels Unaware, as well as its numerous reviews. Of course, you may also order a direct download, or a diskette of the work while there. You can also stop in at Priscilla's homestead If you would like to be notified of the release date of her next novel, Journey of the Eagle, be sure and sign her guest book and leave your email address.

When you visit take a second glance at her Cover Art. Priscilla is particularly proud to have her first novel debut bearing the elegant artwork created and composed by her cousin, Skip Rowell .

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