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This late December sunset inspired me to capture it on film to share with those who missed it. In one of my early books I described a scene such as this and called it sky-blue pink. This is the color I envisioned.
Old Boggy DepotOld Boggy Depot (earlier known as Depot On Boggy) marker at the Boggy Depot State Park. Military DepotMilitary Depot marker inside the Boggy Depot State Park (Depot On Boggy) Military FortsOklahoma map of Military Forts and roads in the 1800s.
Military RoadsHistorical Marker reads:

In 1834, General Leavenworth & his Dragoons built a road from Fort Gibson to Fort Washita, followed in 1855 by the famous 2nd Cavalry on its way to Texas. The Colonel in this regiment was Albert Sidney Johnston, the Lieutenant Colonel, Robert E. Lee.

Early Trails West

Created by an act of Congress March 8, 1857, the Butterfield Overland Mail was the first transcontinental service. At this time Boggy Depot was the Capitol of the Choctaw Nation and maintained one of two Post Offices on the route.

Butterfield Stage Route

The Butterfield Overland Route

First Masonic Lodge Monument
First Masonic Lodge in Indian Territory - Depot On Boggy.

That's my other half standing beside the monument.

Civil War Marker

During the Civil War, Boggy Depot was the major supply depot for Confederate troops operating in Indian Territory.

Boogaboo Canyon

Boogaboo Canyon

Inside McGee Creek State Park east of Atoka, near Farris, OK.

And for those of you wondering just where in Oklahoma I live here is a map. Atoka
Historical Marker

This is a Boggy Depot Historical Marker on State HWY. 7 west of Atoka.
location map of Boggy Depot

Today that area is Boggy Depot State Park.
Atoka County is the insert to the right of the Oklahoma map. If you've read my books you know that my story's settings are always in or near my home. In Journey Of the Eagle for instance, Danielle lives just north of the depot on Boggy.


These huge rocks are on Ten Mile Creek just behind our hunting cabin. I used them both in Journey Of the Eagle. You can see the mouth of the cave in the photo on the left. This is where they made camp one night on the edge of Boogaboo Canyon.
Rocky ledge

Speaking of hunting, here is my 9 point, 119 pound buck.

And I dare not leave out Russell's 8 point,131 pound beauty.

I hope you've enjoyed (I prefer In-Joy) visiting some of the sights that helped inspire the scenic background for Journey Of the Eagle.

This page will be changed and updated regularly so I hope you will drop by often.


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